Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ana's Bedroom.

Finally some more before and after photos!!!  Yay!!!!  
 This was the room when Leo and I went to look at the house.
 When we moved in.
 And ta-da!  Now.  We just finished the pallet wall this week.  Ana loves it!  Yay!  She helped a lot too.   Leo cut apart some pallets (cut off the ends with the nails and then hammered the center board off). Ana and I used 3 different stains (Provincial, Dark Walnut, and Nutmeg) to stain them and then we just put on one coat of polyurethane. We found the studs in the wall, drew lines from ceiling to floor where they were and just nailed the boards onto the studs. Whoever takes this down eventually is going to have to rip out all the drywall. We don't plan on taking it down. She also painted the wall blue (it's Indigo by Sherwin Williams) and I just did the edging on that.  
 Sheets, bed spead and ikat pillow courtesy of Target.  Throw and rug from Aldi.
 The ski the previous owners left--Ana was THRILLED to find that in our garage!  And the pictures were my Christmas present to her this year.

 We knew her room didn't have a closet so we bought an Ikea wardrobe off of Craigslist before we moved here.
 I replaced the plain bulb with the fan from upstairs that had been above our dining room table, only I spray painted the bright gold parts oil rubbed bronze first.  I also put one coat of paint on the one wall with the ski. It still needs a second coat though and the phone jack we're going to just patch over with dry wall and the other wall still needs painted, but we planned on doing all that when we replace the carpet.  The popcorn ceiling will come down then too.
 I already had the curtains, but I did get a curtain rod (Target--best store ever!)
And her name and the deer I bought off of the 80% clearance rack at Joann's in Houston. The tall Ikea lamp we got off the side of the road in Houston (love that.) And I got the pieces of the bridle from DI, and the Edison light bulbs 90% clearance after Christmas --they were with the Christmas tree lights here at the local grocery store.  Weird eh?  And that is that.  I hope Ana loves it.  I think it looks great!

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Lynn said...

OH my stars!!! I am in LOVE and so envious of this room. Amazing job!! ALL of it!!! Ana you are so lucky! I am so wanting to do a pallet wall still......this just motivates me more. :) Great job Kami! Seriously...awesome!