Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ana's Birthday and other things.

Oh my goodness!!!  Ana turned 16!!!!!  Craziness!!!  She was of course, super excited.  And had hoagies like last year, and a turtle pie.  (Kayli, the infamous turtle pie that only you and I would eat that one Thanksgiving because our husband's are weird and thought it was too rich??!!?)
Good choice, Ana, good choice.

She was even more excited when she found an iPhone in her boots.  Yeah, I love it when my kids love their presents and she liked both of course.
Then last weekend I headed to Cheyenne and left Leo with all the kids, expecting him to be slaving away taking care of all of them by himself.  But no, he went fishing all day with Ray, a guy he knows from our ward and work. And they even went shopping together to get all the stuff Leo would need.

Leo's first fish ever caught!

Ray has a gorgeous dog by the way.  We need a dog.

Meanwhile I went to Cheyenne for the Wyoming Bee College.  It was overwhelming, but good.  I decided I want a Scandinavian long box hive and already made a deal with my cousin that he'll make two for me if I paint his two for him and come visit him in Oregon.  Sweet!!

I stayed at the in-laws of my friend in Cheyenne, and they were asking me where I was from, etc. and I said S. Alberta, and he started listing all the S. Albertans he knew, which included some Wildes (definitely related) and my cousin's husband. They were mission companions. That was funny.  And that is all, I must run.


Anonymous said...

Ana - cute pics. so glad we could go camping and hiking together. Glad you had a great bday. And Leo ---- that first fish caught is amazing. Teach a man to fish and he'll feed his family for life ....... hahaaaa. And Kami - now I know what bee hives you are talking about. Nice. Crazy girl.!!! Love you all.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Ana! You are a gorgeous young lady of Sweet Sixteen! Inside and out. You seem to be a great older sister and daughter to your family. Enjoy your year! It will go by fast. :) Cousin Lynn.