Monday, 1 February 2016

Some pictures of the house for Kayli

 This is the corkboard we put up. I intend on coving it top to bottom with pictures.  I decided when making our gallery wall conference quote thingy that I just need to put up more photos.  This fills that need.  :)
 Here you can see our messy toy room and back in that corner is my sewing corner.  Yay!
 More of the toy room. It used to be a garage by the way.
 And the other angle.  The drop cloth is down because I had been staining frames and although the frames got picked up the drop cloth did not.
 And just for fun here's our study/craft room for the kids.  I don't like the stuff I hung on the wall behind the desk, by the way.  I'm going to change once we move our piano and I decide what's going up on the wall beside it.
 The kids' craft shelf.  I would have died for this as a kid.
 And their craft table and chairs.  See Kayli--yours is the only family picture up on our map.
 The other direction.
 And a close-up of my sewing corner, because that is important.
 I don't know where to put those boxes at the end of the desk yet.
 And the study close up.
As you can see, our house is far from put together  yet.  Boxes and junk everywhere.  Yuck.  But it's coming.