Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A few shots from January

Just a gorgeous view from my living room window of the sunset.  The sunset is actually in the directly opposite direction and we can't see it from our house, but the whole sky was lit up that day.  So beautiful!!!

 Finished staining  baseboards!!! And Leo has almost all of them up!!!

 The stairs are progressing.  Actually, now they are almost done.  Yay!!!
Here's how they looked before:

 Just look at that blue sky.  You NEVER see skies that blue in Houston.  They're too smoggy.

 The kids got home from school as I was taking photos.

 They were excited about candy they had.

 I call her Toothless.
 Thanks for the hat, Aunt Amy!
 I love this view from my living room.  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!! My visiting teachers came over and they went upstairs for the first time (because we have a couch upstairs finally) and one of them said, "Do you just sit here all day and look out your window?  I would."

 I do have to admit that I miss Leo wearing his nice business clothes to work.  Every day he came home looking smoking hot.  The Sinclair uniform just doesn't cut it.

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Kayli said...

Isabel doesn't even look like herself with her glasses and no teeth!

Yay for blue skies!!!!!!!!!!