Thursday, 11 February 2016

February is going by too fast!

 Lots of snow=SNOW DAY!  Too bad I was grumpy and freaking out the whole day.  I hate hormones.

 Silly boys.

 LOOK at that face.  Just look at it.  (In the words of many of my siblings.)

 I was trying to get a picture of the two boys together but I ended up with this.  Proof of Nicolas's incessant hair pulling.  Poor Jubal.

 Sebastian was mad at having to clean up his room so he made this note for Nicolas and Jubal.  It says: No toys Nicolas and Jubal.  Ha. Ha.

 Leo tried to take the kids sledding at the sand dunes, but the road was closed to the park.  Sad.
 Jubal is MISCHIEVOUS like no other of my kids!! How did he even find the cake?!!?!?

 Finished cork board.  Yes, it is massive, and yes there are a TON of pictures there.  BUT I wanted to hang up so many, many more.  And the room's big enough that it doesn't look bad.  Leo likes it, and he's usually the non-clutter maniac, so that's a good sign.

Love,  love, love it!!


Kayli said...

AWESOME!!! Pictures are the best! I spy at least 8 or 9 pictures on there that I took!!! Yay me! ha ha :) And I made it on The Corkboard of Magnificence!! So so cool!

Andrea said...

Excellent. Love it!!! Love seeing pictures of the snow. I am so bummed that all our snow is melting. :(