Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My Two Crazies

This is Jubal's most frequent facial expression.  Seriously, what's with this kid.

And Lando was being a Big, Bad Wolf that day and so he's making a lot of mean wolf faces.

I'm not sure if that is biting or kissing.


Jubal also purses his lips all the time.  What's with that?

See, pursed lips again. It must be a Colombian thing.  ;)

I love my kids' big brown eyes!
Ah, this expression that I half caught, with the one eye brow raised, is what Lando does whenever he has something serious and definitive to say and he wants you to pay close attention, which is pretty much every other sentence.

The boys went out to play while I shoveled the driveway.

Jubal wasn't a fan of being on the "mountain."

I love having these two home with me.  They're at such a fun age, especially Lando.  I love toddlers.  The end.

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Kayli said...

Your boys are soo osooo so5o5o5o 5c5ute!! I love their big brown eyes too!! Jubal is SOOOOOO adorable! But from what I hear of him, I'm glad I'm not the one looking after him. :)