Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Elena and Jubal

 Hee. Hee.
 This is Sebastian's Dragon Trainer picture.  Toothless is blowing fire. Hiccup is gliding in his suit from the second movie.  The town's below them with the fire torch things burning, and Astrid is on the left of them.  He actually paused the movie himself so he could copy the writing style onto the top of the page.  He spent all yesterday afternoon on it.
 We celebrated Elena's birthday last night.  She was overjoyed with everything!  I love birthdays like that.  I made the scripture case for her.
 Could you guess from the presents that it's her 8th birthday?
 Watch and My Little Ponies from her abuelitos.

 A new little horse from us.
 I love her face in these photos.  And just FYI, she chose steak, corn on the cob, spaghetti squash and rice for her birthday dinner.
 Seriously love it!
 Pumpkin cake as requested.
 Okay, and now a whole bunch of pictures of Jubal. Because he's adorable.
 Look, he's practically the size of a toddler.  Both Leo and I have been complaining bitterly because it feels like we haven't even had a baby this time, he's so huge.
 Ha. Ha. And he's confused by his shirt.  Oliver would have been a good name too, just not as cool as Jubal.

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Anonymous said...

I love all the pics. And I love Elena's face on her bday. She is adorable.