Sunday, 12 October 2014

A bit from this last week

1. Ana went to the temple Thursday with the ward youth.  Good thing for Facebook, or I would never have pictures of anything.
2.  I forgot to post this last week.  But these are called Homecoming Mums.  It's a weird only-in-Texas thing.  I actually learned how to make them out of actual flowers in a floral design class in college, and we spent the whole time mocking them for being hideous.  But when in Rome....  Ana made her's with her friends and then they wear it to school on the day of the Homecoming game. 
3.  I took Elena and Isabel out of school on Wednesday to take them to Dewberry Farms with the play group from our ward.  It was hot.  Very hot.  But the kids had a good time.  That place kind of irks me on how regimental they are about being with your group, making you listen to a 15 min. talk about the rules before you go in, etc.  So much of it seems so unnecessary.  
4. Yes, I managed to go down the giant slide holding Jubal AND Nicolas.  Just barely though,  I almost wiped out trying to sit down at the top.  Oops.  

 5. My nice friends Heather and Brittney watched out for my two girls while I was sitting with Nicolas and Sebastian and Jubal.  No picture of me here because I think I was feeding Jubal.  :)

6. On Friday we went camping, more to come on that later--but we managed to get home at 1 PM on Saturday, bath and then headed to a Primary activity at the temple by 3 PM.  It was fun and then we had a picnic at a park after.  It was a really busy weekend.

7. Leo might head to Panama in November.  Saudi Arabia is off for this year.
8. I actually decorated for Halloween all out this year.  Thank you Pinterest and free printables.

 9. That's the new picture I bought off of Craigslist. I really just wanted the frame.

 10. Kayli took photos of the Dutch costumes I made her.  So adorable! Check out her blog here.

I *LOVE* the windmill in the background.  The pictures all turned out so cute.  You can check out my pattern reviews as always, here and here.  

11. And I think I'll leave off there, but 50 billion camping pictures are soon to come. Aren't you excited?


Kayli said...

Hey, cute little kids modeling your Dutch costumes!! :)

I see you found a baby wrap. Ana is getting so old. It's weird.

Anonymous said...

Kami the costumes are so so wonderful!!!!! You did a fabulous job. And Hazel and Ethne and Wyatt look adorable in them.
Great decorations for your Halloween. Not so much here. Great pics. So glad Ana could go to the temple and that the primary kids went.
Mom R.