Thursday, 16 October 2014

More of Surfside (Ana's pictures)

 1. Ana spent part of the evening playing with the camera.

 2. I have a ton of Ana selfies.  A TON.

 3. I love my new skillet and our camp grill set up we got for Christmas!  Love it!
 4. Yes, I am sewing Halloween costumes.  I did swim too.
 5. I decided to ignore all the few little annoyances that happened and had a great time, although I ended up spending two hours of the afternoon driving to a Walmart for things we ended up not needing.  Sigh.

 6.  However, I was really rather upset when we pulled up our super nice stakes from REI and they were orange with rust from the point they hit the ground. (Yes, I do care about our stakes, I hoped never to buy new ones, even when we get new tents).  So sad.  And our new grill, well I spent almost an hour and a half at home scrubbing it to hopefully stop the rust from spreading that covered it after one day beside the ocean.  Salt is awful.

 7. Oh well, it was still a wonderful time.  We loved every minute beside the ocean!

8.  Ana got some good shots, eh?


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Anonymous said...

Ana ---- you ROCK!!!!!!! Great pics - you are beautiful!!!
Glad you all had a good time. Looks like fun.
Grandma R.