Sunday, 5 October 2014

Weekly blather

1.  My friend took Sebastian with her to the Houston Zoo.  It worked very nicely for us, as Leo had that Friday off and we went to go pick up a Christmas present for the kids that day.

Sebastian had a great time too.  He hid in her house when we got there because he didn't want to leave.  
2. Another friend of mine took Elena, Sebastian, and Isabel to a park with her kids after school.  The kids had so much fun.  
Sebastian and Chase are best friends.
And Elena and Audrey are best friends. They've been in the same class every year since kindergarten.
And Isabel just gets to join in.

3. Karen, their mom, is always the one taking pictures and sending them to me from class parties, swim meets, church activities (Beth is Ana's age), etc.  Really, she is my official family photographer.  I should tell her that.  And she picks up my kids and takes them to and from school everyday.  It's the best thing ever.  I really am blessed that she is so kind and thoughtful.

4. Although not my favorite quote, this was my favorite talk in all of General Conference.  I need to read it every morning and every night. :0
5.  I started a new Facebook group for Rasmus Rasmussen descendants.  I'm hoping it will help further family history work in some way.  We'll see if it does any good or not.  
6. And I'm teaching a class in in English AND Spanish this October sometime--okay, I know the time, but I'm too lazy to go look it up--about how to do Hispanic family history, called Encontrando Sus Antepasados:  Como Empezar. I need to empezar on planning the lesson.  I'm actually a little worried about it already.  Leo will be there to help translate though.  But an hour long class--that's long.  
7.  Also I'm in charge of a Relief Society activity to make Wonder Ovens.  (Lynn, you converted me--I love them!) That will be in the beginning of November.  How did I manage to get so busy all of a sudden?!?!?  I need to finish the kids' costumes, and Elena's baptism dress as well.  Procrastination, I no longer have time for you.  Double sigh.
8.  Ana went to Homecoming with a group of friends on Saturday night.  She had a really fun time, which I'm happy about.  She also recognized the universal truth that if you dance, you will have fun at dances; but if you stand around and worry about looking cool at a dance, you will not have fun.  I'm glad she learned that already.  :)  Also, she looked beautiful!

9.  My little sister Kayli is back from Croatia, which is a good thing because between her being gone and Andrea all gung-ho homeschooling, I have nobody to talk to all day.  Sniff. Sniff.
10.  And here's some pictures of Lando and Elena's shoes.  He wears them EVERYWHERE!  He also loves to wear a hat too, and runs to get it before we leave the house.

 11.  See Lando and one of his hats.  And Sebastian in his favorite shirt.  It's hard to get two boys to look and smile at you. Next to impossible really.

12.  And now a dozen photos of Jubal.  Because Jubal is the baby.  And he's cute.  And as his shirt says, the "current family favorite."  Feel free to scroll through quickly.  However I did catch him smiling, and it's adorable.

 13. A lady in my ward, Kelly Ann, made this and a few other things for Jubal. Seriously, they are so adorable. And Andrea, you are right.  I LOVE seeing his name written out all cute.  It's the perfect name.


The Haws Family said...

I resent number nine. Ruff

Lynn said...

Ha HA to the previous comment. ; ) Too funny.

Ana is SO grown up and beautiful! In fact, all your kids are growing so fast.

Glad you find the wonder oven useful! I still use both of mine like crazy. I should make more.....with all these weddings, youth conferences, etc......I am always in need of them. Have fun teaching your class.

Natalie said...

hahahahah. I love the current family favorite. Hahaha. It's so true about a newborn.

Anonymous said...

Ana you look so beautiful. I love your pic.
And that was my favorite talk in conf also. Right to the point. Cute kids. Cute cute Jubal.
Mom R/