Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mud, Baby Shower, and Swimming

1. So remember how on Memorial Day it was supposed to be a "snow day" makeup, only we had worse weather than on the actual snow day. It had been raining all day when I posted on my blog last Monday, but by the afternoon there was a severe weather warning, flash flood warning, and tornado warnings.  Joy.  Leo and I didn't even notice till it was all over.  I'm glad the kids were home though because the schools went into "shelter-in-place" mode and my friend that picks up Elena didn't get home with her daughter till 5 PM that evening. Yuck.
2.  This was during a break in the massive rain on Tuesday.  I let the kids play in the mud and Ana convinced Elena and Sebastian to smear mud all over their faces. Err... Ah well, good times.
3. I went to mow our lawn today, because it had finally dried out (it rained on Wednesday too) and when I stepped outside it was like stepping into a hot steamy bathroom.  And then almost immediately it started to rain, and then to downpour.  A few hours later I let the kids ride bikes and went out to watch them in the front and it was 100% humidity.  Ugh.
4. On Friday Leo went to Elena's school for her 1st grade awards ceremony and picnic, only she has two teachers (one for English, one for Spanish) and he went to the wrong class and totally missed it.  Elena was sobbing hysterically when Leo figured it out and finally arrived, her teacher calmed her down by letting her redo her part.  She won a courtesy award.
5. Also on Friday, my visiting teacher, Chelsea, had a baby shower for me!  It was really fun, good company, good food, no silly games.  Loved it!  Below is the diaper cake another friend, Marea, made for me.  Anyway, I ate till I couldn't eat anymore and sat and chatted, and was given adorable baby clothes.  Ahh, I feel so lucky and loved!
6. This morning we were at a swim team meet.  Those things are chaos.  Leo volunteered to be a pit parent for the 7-8 yr olds (which was close to the 6 and under so he could keep an eye on Isabel and Sebastian).  I tried to keep Nicolas entertained, take a few pictures and hem the bottom of my dress.  I only managed the few pictures, although I never got a picture of Ana.  Next meet it will happen.  
7. Isabel's at the front of the bench with the orange swim cap and Sebastian is at the back. One race before Sebastian was up to swim, he told me he had to use the bathroom, we ran there and ran back, and it was just seconds before he started, but because he had to get on the goggles and the helper had to jump in the water and realize that Sebastian was swimming, he got a pretty late start.  That was the most exciting part of the meet.
Isabel ready to go.
Isabel swimming.  She can swim by herself but won't swim the whole length of the pool unassisted.
Sebastian swimming.  Only really he can't yet.
Elena ready to race.  She actually got several first place ribbons in her heats this time--in freestyle and backstroke.

Elena swimming.
More of Elena swimming.
Good times with Nicolas.

8. Nicolas was a bear by 11:30 (we were supposed to be there at 7:30 but we got there at 8) and the younger three kids were done their events so I took them home while Leo stayed with the 7-8 yr olds who were swimming butterfly and breast stroke, and with Ana.  Only by 2 PM (yes, still not over--see why I detest these things?!?!?) it started to rain and thunder again, so they cancelled the rest of the meet. That was the time I was going to mow the lawn.
9. I did finish my dress!  Here's a few pictures.  Only I didn't actually do my hair today, I just put on some lipstick and earrings for the pictures (I needed pictures to enter in the Vintage Sewing Contest), and so don't judge and remember it was literally 100% humidity at the time. It was Butterick 5589 and if you want to read my review, here's the link: Vintage Maternity Dress

10.  The kids are out of school this week!  I am so excited, I can't wait for summer! Although the unusual spring-like weather (the coolest spring they've ever experienced according to many of my long-term resident friends) has officially passed and it is hot and humid!!!  And the mosquitos are HORRENDOUS since it rained. So summer at the pool is what I foresee.
11.  We bought season passes to SeaWorld today (discounted for being Texas residents AND TWO FREE preschool season passes!) and so if anyone wants to come visit us and go to SeaWorld, we are totally game.
12.  Ana won an award in her science class (I think just in that class) for the girl with highest grade all year!  Yeah!!!
13. I'm really struggling here for a last item, but ummm....being this pregnant is good for my posture--I have to sit up straight to type, otherwise my ribs hurt.  The end.


Lynn said...

congrats on all your kids winning awards! So awesome.
LOVE your maternity dress! You are truly talented.

Martha Latorre said...

Que fotos tan hermosas, Kami you look beautiful,mis nietos se ven hermosos nadando
Los amo mucho

Anonymous said...

Kami ----- I love it!!!! the colors are so bright and beautiful - just like you. You did a super job. Way to go ANA!!!!!! on your science grade and awesome on your swimming. You have many many talents. Can't wait to see you. Great job Elena on your end of school and swimming awards. Way to swim Isabel and Sebastian. Good to visit you. Love you all.

Kayli said...

I just want you to know I tried to post a comment while I was in France, but it was on Brett's computer so I had to sign him out to sign in, and then the computer freaked out because we were in France and thought someone was hacking my account, so it never happened in the end. BUT your dress is FANTASTIC and perfect looking-- like it was store-bought. And you look WONDERFUL in it!!!

I lvoe teh mud pictures. Ana looks really beautiful in them. Maybe we should look into mud cosmetics. :)

curtis03 Lewis said...

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