Sunday, 11 May 2014

Elena's and Isabel's Easter Spring Dresses

 The Easter Spring Mother's Day dresses are finished!  Finally.  I love these dresses!  They were quite the undertaking as I just made them up--using multiple patterns as a guide.    Here's my inspiration dresses once again:

EWhat do you think?  Am I ready to launch my own boutique?  Just kidding.  That sounds like torture. Stay tuned though because I plan on making them hats to match.  Eventually.  Here's the sewing reviews I wrote if you'd liked to read more about their construction.

Isabel's Dress Review
Elena's Dress Review


Natalie said...

I love them! They turned out so great! The bow on Elena's is amazing, but Isabel's is my favorite!!!

Kayli said...

I looooove the ruffles on Isabel's!!!!

You're awesome!

Annette said...

I am here from PR and really LOVE both dresses. You did a great job, lots of work, but it was sooooo well worth it (says I)! TFS!

Anonymous said...

The.are.gorgeous!!!!! Great job!!!!!

Andrea said...

Those are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elena's is my favorite, but I LOVE the ruffles on Isabel's too. Gorgeous.