Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Should I sew a new maternity wardrobe? I think yes.

Nothing fits me.  Yes. I know, I spent a bunch of money on maternity jeans and then took them all back except one pair.  But now, not even my usually-too-big t-shirts  don't fit me.  Ruff.  So I was going to buy a couple of $12 men's t-shirts from Target (that I didn't even like that much) when I remembered I have a whole file full of maternity patterns.  Including a two modern shirt patterns.  So instead, I bought a bunch of material.... umm... yeah.  Good thing we're not paying for Ana and Elena's piano lessons this month because they're on hiatus during swim team. Also, none of my usual maternity dresses/skirts fit either, which definitely needs remedying. How much do you think I could sew before this baby is born?

So here's the two patterns for shirts I plan on making:

And then I have all these to choose from:  

This one I wasn't going to sew, because it's not my favorite, but I'd really like to see how it ends up being a maternity dress, since it doesn't look that way on the drawing.  (I've found that all early 1950 and 1940 maternity patterns are drawn with very non-pregnant looking women on them.  Why was that?)

I wanted to make this a dress--but maybe I'll just make a shirt, as I'm desperate for shirts.

This would definitely be a dress.  Love it!

 I'm tempted to make the rocking floral pantsuit, but actually, this one I was PLANNING on making the dress this pregnancy.  It was actually project #1.
 This is not a pattern I have, but I couldn't find the pattern I do have and I was too lazy to scan it.  But it's very similar in style.
Again, I was thinking dress.  Dresses are just so much more fun.  but really I could make the shirt with short sleeves, eh?  

Anyway, what do you all think?  What should I make?  

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