Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day 13!

1.  I'm so grateful that I get to be the mom of these wonderful kids!  I'm so blessed!  And yes, these are my Easter pictures on Mother's Day!  Okay, well, what was supposed to be Easter dresses, but finished (sort of--Elena's bow is pinned on) last night. (Do you like our Jasmine vine that's trying to eat our front porch?  They smell heavenly anyway.)

2. I added a vase and a floral arrangement to brighten the room.  I love poppies.  What do you think? Does it match?  Does it brighten it? I bought the vase on clearance at Target for $4.50, so it's not my favorite but I couldn't really beat that price.

3.  We went to Ana's soccer game on Saturday.  They won!  So they went undefeated the entire season!! Woot! Woot!  

4. Elena used my camera to take a bunch of other photos at the soccer game too.  I had pictures of all the people around us, the trash can, leaves, etc. but I chose not to post those.  ;)
5.  Ana had a soccer party after the game, but she had chosen to come to Leo's work party/picnic with the family instead.  But then I told her she had to do her hair, (not just a ponytail and headband) and she immediately changed her mind and wanted to go to the soccer party.  The struggles of teenage life.  Sigh.
6.  Leo's work picnic was fun.  It was a crawfish boil.  I'd never had crawfish before but I became pretty proficient at cracking them and eating the tail.  It's a lot like lobster.  They made 75 lbs. of jumbo crawfish.  Yum!   I felt very Southern eating it under a big oak tree dripping with Spanish moss.  The picture above looks exactly like what we had, only they just dumped it on the plastic tablecloth and spread it around so everyone could reach oodles of food easily.  

7.  I think the sauce was the KEY in the deliciousness of the crawfish.  This is the correct crawfish sauce to buy, if you're interested.  
8. Ana did have fun at the picnic, by the way.  She played ultimate frisbee and had a great time!  Yeah!
9.  I taught my last sewing class, and I'm happy to be done, but I'm really glad I did teach it because there was at least 5 people who really wanted to learn and put in a lot of effort and were grateful I taught it, which made me grateful I taught it.
10.  So much for our family's health.  Nicolas caught a cold at the beginning of the week, and then I caught it, and now Elena has had a stomach ache and diarrhea.  Joy.
11.  Usually being pregnant helps me be more emotionally stable.  Not this pregnancy.  Talk about a weepy, emotional week.  For no good reason either.  
12.  Leo bought me roses and baklava for Mother's Day, but he brought them to me early--maybe because of all the weeping?  Anyway, I'm so grateful for Leo.  He really is so patient and kind.  I love him so much!!!! 
13. Happy Mother's Day!


Kayli said...

Such pretty dresses! They look so sweet.

I love poppies too! I think the arrangement goes great with the rest of it.

I like how you are sewing a dress at the soccer game. I bet not a lot of other people there were.

Crawfish, how interesting.

Natalie said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

The dresses are AMAZING! I am in awe that you made them!! The crawfish looked delicious!!! Good to see your family!! We miss you!

Lynn said...

The dresses are gorgeous!!! Love all the detailing!!

P.S. The vase of poppies is perfect on your mantle!