Sunday, 18 November 2012

This week in review

 I dug this out of the attic.  It's already too small.  So sad.  I love these pjs.  This kid is huge.  Seriously in Relief Society my friend and I lined up our babies and her's is  4 months older, and they were practically the same size.

 Elena got a guitar from her Abuelitos.  Isabel already has the songs memorized.  Sebastian loves it too.

 In her words, "I'm a princess fairy rockstar."  Okay.

 Sebastian broke out in some weird rash after lunch.  It was either the cucumbers or the jello.  I think maybe the dye in the jello bothered his skin.
Doesn't Sebastian look like an anime cartoon in this picture because his eyes are so huge?
What we found after Ana babysat for us to go to the temple on Friday night.  Love it.


Andrea said...

Wow, Lando does look big--especially laying next to Ana. What a sweet pic. Isabel is definitely a rock star. Wowsa. Did you make the skirt?

We haven't talked in forever. Or a day or two. Feels like forever.


jt said...

Love that last picture.

Kayli said...

Isabel is SUCH a cute rockstar ballerina singer, whatever it is she said. She looks like she can sing really great too.

And Nicholas (or Lando or Reuben or whatever his name is ;) ) always makes the same face. so cute.

And I also ADORE that last picture.

Anonymous said...

Sebastian looks like a bobblehead in that one pic--just saying . . .
FOG and Amy (it's unanimous)