Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Last day of camping and canoeing

Ana might like playing in the fire, but I am still the fire-starter supreme.  :)

 Ana got a tent to herself because all the little kids wanted to sleep with Mom and Dad.

 Elena said, "I like canoeing a little bit, but I'd rather watch a movie."
 Isabel to a park ranger, "How come you're old?"
Nicolas enjoys canoeing kind of like he enjoys the beach.

We saw a bunch of catfish a guy had caught and a deer that Elena spotted.  And we liked harassing these ducks by canoeing to where ever they settled (it wasn't a big lake.)

And this is how Elena gets the books she wants.  The End.


Andrea said...

At least Lando had an appropriately themed blanket. Awesome canoeing skills, Ana.

jt said...

Sounds like fun.