Friday, 2 November 2012

Elena's Birthday

 She chose a Fox Terrier for her cake--yes, the book was that specific on what it was.
 I think she was pretty happy with it too.  Although she did tell me her birthday was only "mostly happy."  She was unhappy that she didn't get to play with her new toys longer when she had to go to bed.  Also, there was some altercation with Sebastian that I've forgotten the details of now.
 I think the presents were a hit this year.  I love buying presents.  So fun to pick out something you think they'll love.
Anyway, she got the Schleich carriage and wedding pack.  She's played with it a lot since her birthday. :)   I can't believe Elena's six!  Crazy.


Andrea said...

Cowen was a little disturbed you you calling that a chariot. It doesn't look Egyptian or ancient at all, apparently. I explained that it was a Cinderella type chariot and he was appeased. After I told him it held a bride and groom he lost interest entirely.

He did, however, say he liked the cake.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love boys?

Happy birthday Elena! Emeline thought your presents look awesome and I thought the cake was adorable.

Kami said...

Not a chariot-- a carriage! But if they did make a chariot that would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Kami - you did a fabulous job on the cake.!!!
Even Dad said what a good job it was.
Cute party kids. Love you. Mom

jt said...

I love the cake! Oh my goodness. With everything else you had going on around her birthday I can't belive you made such an awesome cake! It's perfect.