Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Party

Once upon a time, a very fragile-minded person thought to herself, "I love Halloween, we should have a big party!"  Then she asked the primary president if there was a big party, but sadly, there was only a trunk-o-treat.  Then this silly person VOLUNTEERED to organize and plan a ward Halloween party, because trunk-or-treats are lame.  The idea was quickly accepted by the kind Bishop, however, an additional two wards were invited to the party by the bishop.  And the bishop decided to have the YM/YW plan carnival games too. Also the bishop of one of the other invited wards decided to have a Trunk-or-Treat too.
The silly woman worked and planned, and did have help cutting out the trees she drew, but without a committee, she didn't quite get as much help as she would have liked, even when she asked for help.  And the YW presidency was changed the week before so confusion reined, and well, the YM leaders helped but not the YM.
Luckily a friend of the silly woman came to help set-up and then proceeded to call oodles of people to also come help when no youth (who were supposed to help) showed up.
Also, silly woman's husband was very helpful and her daughter who took care of the other children.
Randomly, another friend and her husband decided more food was needed an hour and a half before the party, so they bought three hundred hotdogs and buns and their grill and prepared all that.  (We had lots of extra food.)  No YM helped with the carnival games.
Using an iPod she never used before connected to the speaker systerm for the dance music was another silly idea.  Also, the people who had been asked to help with refilling the refreshments came at the beginning and helped with some vegetable trays and then said they had visitors in town and left again before the party even started.  Needless to say, the silly woman was rather frazzled and the evening FLEW by because she was so busy.

Luckily, some other friends stepped in to help.  

And the silly woman did get to dance one dance with her most handsome husband.
All in all, it was a good night with over 300 people there (one ward which was invited had just been established the previous Sunday, so no one really came, since it could not be announced beforehand)/ Then it ended and the silly woman could relax again. And clean her house.


Lynn said...

Oh my stars!! You are the bomb!!
Loved the photos and ideas. So cool! Shame on those who said they would help and then didn't. Wow. Guess it's the same ward all over the world.....but just with different names. Lol!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog after reading a review you posted on PatternReview....and I can't stop thinking about this massive Halloween party you pulled off! Wow! I'm impressed.


Anonymous said...

Kami ---- looooveedddd the decorations! You did a
great job! And it looks like the whole party turned out to be a success. Liked Leo's fence too,. We need to
live close together. We are a great team - you - the decorations and me the food and planning. I think you need to move!!!! Mom