Tuesday, 6 November 2012

But why is the rum gone?


Kayli said...

Kami Sue these are sooooo sooooooooo soooooooo fantastic. I loooooove these costumes so much! Your family is perfect for them!

All the little details are so fabulous, like the feathers on Elena's hat, and her earrings, and her blunderbuss, and Isabel's jewelry, and Sebastian's boots and Ana's keys and your mole and EVERYTHING.

I love all these pictures, the one of you and Leo fighting is so funny. But okay seriously, Elena wins because of the last picture of her that you posted near the bottom---- PERFECTION.

Well done.

Andrea said...

That was SO MUCH FUN!!!! My kids especially loved Sebastian cutting off Leo's head and the two little girls with weapons pointed at each other. Talk about some mean piratey faces!

You did such an awesome job on the costumes. Did you make the hats???

Awesome. Just so awesome.

PS Cowen was impressed you could fight while holding a baby. Well done, pirate wench.

Megan said...

Who took your pictures??? They were fantastic!!!! And yes, I agree the details were fantastic - I love Isabels hat - and the jewelry etc amazing!@

jt said...

Elena's pictures are the best! I love these. They turned out great. I also am obsessed with your skirt, Kami. It's awesome! Great job.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ALL of them!!! What great pics. Your friend did a super job. Love the one of Sebastian up close with his big brown eyes. What a cutie. Love his boots. Love the details and Ana's key rings. Love your mole. You look so beautiful in your pics. Great of you and Leo. Love Ana's stance. Just so amazing. Elena's and Isabels hats and jewelry - everything.