Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Poodle Skirt and bath time

 On Monday, Elena came home with a note saying that the kids could dress up 1950's-ish for the 50th day of school.  I was so excited because I've been waiting for a chance to make a poodle skirt for my girls.  So I hurried to the fabric store that night and spent the next day sewing the skirt and shirt.
 Only Elena came home and said that they were supposed to wear the outfits on Tuesday, not Wednesday like I thought.  I was in denial till I went and looked at the note again, and sure enough, she was right.  Thanks for the 12 hour notice lamesauce school.
However, since she's in Kindergarten, she didn't mind wearing it the next day.  Just for me.  Oh, speaking of her lamesauce school, they had a "Meaningful Day" on Friday where the students were allowed to dress up in costumes and they had a parade.  (No, they weren't allowed to dress-up for Halloween.) But they had to have a sign with what they were written on it, and some of them were supposed to be actions and some grades other vocabulary related things that I can't remember right now.  Anyway, lame.  Just celebrate Halloween already and get over it.  But as for that, Leo was off so we all went together to see Elena (she chose to be a Flamenco Dancer) but we were late and missed seeing her.  Oops. And now some cute pictures of Nicolas in the tub.  I love this kid!!

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Andrea said...

She looks older in that poodle skirt. I can't believe you made the shirt. Amazing. I love the outfit. You should have her wear it every day.

Yes, her school is lame. That was already firmly established and is now completely undeniable.