Sunday, 20 May 2012


 Anybody remember this dress?  I started it last year while I was taking sewing lessons in the spring.  It was practically finished, and that's when I realized that it made me look horribly pregnant.  NOT what I wanted when I definitely was not pregnant.  Anyway, I pulled it out again, because now I am pregnant and I figured I could finish and it wouldn't matter that it made me look pregnant because I am pregnant.
So here it is, mostly finished (I still have to hand sew some of the lining on the inside.)  
Here's the pattern, McCalls M5805.  So what do I think of the finished project?  Umm, ambivalent.  I think the fit is wrong.  And I lost the waistband pieces, because I unpicked that part, but then I have no idea where that or the pattern pieces disappeared too.  Anyway, I made my own waistband, but it ended up too big, or it needed to be trapezoidal instead of rectangular or something, because it was really weird and I had to add tucks in on the side.  I think that might be that due to pregnancy--my bust is no longer the same size as when I started it.  And the sleeves are two tight in one area only, I don't really know how to describe it, because they're loose and poofy, (I like your sleeves, they're really poofy.) but somehow they still manage to be tight when I am moving my arms.  

 Also, it still feels kind of frumpy, albeit wearable.  This whole sewing for myself is a pain.  I think I'll have to forgo the other two maternity dresses I want to sew, and sew some costumes instead.  That's much more fun!  :)  And satisfying.  Oh, but on a good note, I sewed in the invisible zipper perfectly!!!!  Yeah!!!


Andrea said...

Looks cute in the picture.

jt said...

I think it looks really cute, I really do. You are getting so good at those zippers.