Sunday, 20 May 2012

Question about what to sew next.

I feel like sewing.  My question is, what to sew next?    Please tell me your opinion, everyone that knows me, knows I'm completely indecisive, so I really do appreciate comments. Keep in mind for almost all of these projects, I already have the fabric--if it's enough.
  Here's the options

This vintage maternity pattern.  I already have it cut out and the cutest fabric I bought just for this in specific.  I think it will be easy except for my typical pattern alterations.  

This Burda maternity dress.  I think I have enough fabric for it in a really cute blue, but it's really complex, and might be really hard.  However, it probably has the best chance of turning out wearable of any of my maternity dress attempts so far because it actually is a recent maternity pattern.

Actual dresses (the view on the left with the aprons) for my girls to wear as regular clothes.  Not costumes!  Imagine that.  I bought the fabric for it over a year ago!

This sweet costume for my girls (bottom right dress).  Again, I have gold curtains and whatnot from DI for the fabric of this one--if it's enough to make it.  Or some blue tablecloths.  Plus I have already cut out a  crinoline slip to make the skirt really poof out that I could finish too.

Or I could start working on Halloween.  We're going pirate this year.  Ana's choice.  Isabel is getting the same costume as Ruthie last year (see here).  She actually wants to be a princess, but I told her she could be a pirate princess.  I don't think I've completely convinced her yet.  And maybe baby Nicolas could be the bottom left?  

Elena declared herself captain, demands to have a telescope and wants the full coat one here. And I think I'm just going to try to do the vest for Sebastian.

And Ana, for her last year of trick-or-treating, just wants the vest, boots, and shirt, and not the coat, because she doesn't want to be too hot.

If you're wondering about Leo and I, he actually agreed to dress up this year, if there's a ward party.  But that's a last priority.  I'm NOT making him the same coat as Sterling's.  Not this year anyway.  And for me, I'm going to take apart my Renaissance dress (remember this way back when) and take off the top--it's torn anyway--and make the bottom into a skirt. Then I'll make myself a pirate wench shirt, and I'm seriously considering making another corset.  It was quite fun to make Lindsay's.  See why I need to start early on this?


jt said...

If it was me, I'd pick the girls dresses that you're planning on having them wear as regular clothes or the Halloween costumes. But all of your ideas seem like fun. Good luck deciding. Natalie

playmobil castle said...
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