Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back to Sewing

This is a random question to the very few people who visit this blog, but I've had this pattern (M5732) for a while and always planned to make it just as dress up clothes for the girls.  But I wanted to make the pants version.  When I informed my girls of this, they threw fits.  Literally.  Well, not fits, but Isabel brought it up for days afterwards, BEGGING me not to make the ugly pants but instead the beautiful dress.  Hmm.  So I caved.  I didn't really care all that much anyway, I just thought the pants version was cute and different and more spritely.  So I made the long dress.  Easy peasy.  Took me about an hour of sewing for each.  But I know the lace up vest (which really is what adds the cuteness to the costume) is going to be a pain. Mostly because of the fabric I have.  And I haven't touched it for almost two weeks because I don't want to do it.  But I can't start my next maternity dress till I finish it or scrap it altogether, because I'm trying to make myself not have unfinished projects.  So what should I do?  It's already all cut out.  It will just be a pain, I mean, really a HUGE pain to sew.  Sigh.  
 Anyway, here's the dresses. (Forced smiles, anyone?) Isabel's is actually pink now.  Because we dyed it.
 See, a day spent dying cloth.  Really quite fun.  Elena's dress was supposed to be purple, but the instructions also said it wouldn't work on polyester and while both are made from polyester, it didn't work on Elena's while it did on Isabel's.  Her's has a tinge of pink to it, but not purple at all, basically white still.  She was pretty disappointed, but took it well enough.  I also died the cloth for the vests, and it just all didn't turn out quite how I wanted.  I think that's part of the reason I'm just so reluctant to sew up the vests.
 The cloth I used was my old temple dress cut up and two slips.  Isabel wanted a "silky" dress, and I used the slips to make hers.  Random, I know.  But then, she's rarely taken it off since then.  And that's the problem with the vest, the vest itself I cut from cotton and linen pieces I had in my stash, but the wispy parts I cut from the slip--and that was such a pain, and on the dress I just had to sew straight.  The little wispy triangles are going to be hard.  Errrrr... what to do, what to do?
See, the colors all turned out much different than expected.  Oh, and the girls love the dresses just the way they are.  It's not like they're asking for the vests to be made.


Brooke said...

Kami, You just need to come and visit me and use my new mother's day present!! A serger!!!!! It is the funnest toy I have ever gotten!!! I am about 1/3 of the way done Maloree's (after) baptism dress!!!

Andrea said...

Kami--I say, don't sew up the vests. Avoid unnecessary complications in your life so you have more time for blogging. And talking to me on the phone.

And making bread three loaves at a time. :)

jt said...

I second what Andrea said.

jt said...

and I'm actually Natalie signed in as James :) Didn't want you to think a creepo had found your blog. Muahaha.