Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Castle Toys

One of my girls' favorite pastimes is playing with their "castle toys" or Schleich toys.  I highly recommend these to any parent.  They are so durable and imaginative, and if the kids take one or two to church, they're quiet.  They're my kids' favorites toys to take with them in the car too.  
Elena spent the other day making whole ecosystems for her toys.  So cute!  The polar bear cub on ice.

The alligators in their river.

The whales and sharks in the ocean.

The hippo in his pond with fish for eating.

Bamboo forest for the panda cub.

A corral for all the farm animals, and a pond for the geese.

The dinosaur is where the melt-down happened.  She didn't know where a dinosaur would live, and even after several suggestions from me and looking through our Childcraft dinosaur book, there was much tears and wailing about not knowing how to draw palm trees, etc.  

She eventually recovered though.  

And was all smiles again by the time I took the photos.

 Here's Isabel and her prince and princess kissing!  Shocking, I know.  :)  She only cares about princesses.
 And Elena another day with the castle toys.

 Her fairy prince was tied up because he wanted to marry the wicked dragon fairy.
The dragon fairy is tied up too--to keep her away from the fairy prince.  Oh, the drama.   Anyway, good times, and hours of fun.  Best investment ever.


jt said...

How did I not see this post? :) Cute pictures. I love the imaginations. We need you guys back. My kids love playing like that.

Hanah said...

That is soo creative, and soo cute!! All the little ecosystems. How funny about the prince, and the wicked fairy. I'm definitely going to check into these toys! Thanks for sharing!