Friday, 4 May 2012


It may be a little bit early for nesting, and it may be the fact that we're in a new house.  But I totally wanted to redecorate every room.  And while none of my house will ever be magazine worthy (and I don't really care if they are) I was quite pleased with how Sebastian's and Nicolas's (or Oliver's?) room turned out.  

 I really don't like how the planes are hidden by the fan when you walk in.  Oh well.  And maybe someday we'll actually have matching furniture.  But you know, both cribs, the rocking chair and the dresser were all given to me free.  And I paid ten buck for the changing table off of Craigslists.  So whatever.
 Here are the planes up close so you can see them.  Every time I change Sebastian's diaper, he never fails to mention them.  He was fairly upset when I hung them up so he couldn't play with them anymore.  That boy is so like his father.  Leo has a kind of coffee table book of military planes, and he got it out and was showing Sebastian today. Sebastian spent a good half hour looking through it while I folded clothes a little while later.  And every page he turned, he'd yell, "An airplane, Mom, an airplane!!" (Every page had a summary about a different airplane and a large picture of it.) And he wouldn't stop yelling till I turned and looked at it and acknowledged, that yes, indeed it was an airplane.  
And my Pinterest project.  I love how it turned out, despite being more than a little sad that I had to cut off most of Canada, South Africa, Australia and the lower half of South America.  Sniff. Sniff.  It felt wrong to desecrate a map so.  In case you don't follow Pinterest, you just cut up a map, glue it on canvas, and then mode podge over it.  Well, in the actual Pinterest they used Modge Podge to glue it on, but I modge podged over it to give it a bit of a glazed look. That did cause it to wrinkle though.  And actually, I staple gunned it on the back, because the spray glue didn't hold the edges very well.  But you get the idea.  I thought the map worked well with the airplane theme.  Plus, I really like maps.  So there you have it.

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