Monday, 31 October 2011

My friend Natalie's Halloween

We took photos together on Saturday. So I decided to post her family's pictures as well, because their costumes are amazing too.
Joshua is a king, Candace the queen, and Luke and Levi their knights in shining armor.

Natalie made all their costumes too, except this one. (More of a time issue, than anything else.)
This is the first major project she's sewn, and yes, I lead her down the path to join me in my addiction.
I don't know what our husbands thought of our late night visits asking each other questions on our various projects at the time.
Or for that matter, what the neighborhood thought of us setting up our sewing machines out on our shared front lawn and sewing constantly while our kids rode their bikes all around on our driveways.

And let me tell you, the cleanliness of our houses decreased drastically. But it was all worth it right? Happy Halloween! (And yes, Ana wasn't in costume for these ones, but just wait, we have something planned...)

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