Sunday, 2 October 2011

Autumn in Provo Canyon

Today we decided to picnic up Provo Canyon and see the beautiful colors.  I think we may have come a tad early.  But it was still beautiful.



Trying to do close-ups..

Yeah...I know, why did I post this picture?  I don't know.  

Ana was our lovely photographer.  I had a picture of her on here, and then it disappeared...hmmmm....I'm trying out ScribeFire.  I can't use Live Writer, because it's Windows only. Not even with my new Crossover Mac program that I run RootsMagic on.  I'm not really converted.  It won't let me upload pictures from my desktop--just the web.  Lamesauce.  And only one at a time.   Unless I'm doing something wrong.  It did let me change the size of that first photo, but I lost the resolution in the process.  Lame again.  

Isabel was playing with the rainbow trout we were having for dinner, before we cooked it. (It was still in the packaging.)  This is how her conversation went: "Oh, fish!  You are my best friend!" etc. etc.  Then Leo asked, "Should we eat your best friend?"  Isabel, after pausing to think, "Okay, let's eat my best friend."



Elena got a new pixie cut.  I love it!!!  She hates it!!!  She cried and said she didn't want to look like me.  Or like a boy.  We tried to tell her she looks like Rapunzel after she got her hair cut, but she wasn't buying that.

Leo looking muy guapo.

And that's all.  

P.S. Elder Bednar's talk on Family History was my favorite, and the one about having kids.  The end.  Again.


Carlie said...

I love the fall in Utah valley! They colors are amazing! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. and I really like Elena's haircut, its super cute!

Lynn said...

YEah! I totally agree with your P.S.

The colours on those mountains are gorgeous!!!! Wish we had that here. Wow.

Anonymous said...

The pics are beautiful!!! I love the fall colors and yes, I think Sardine is a little a head of Provo Canyon. It is gorgeous right now. I love Elena's hair..... but you knew I would. It is sooo cute. the kids pics are so cute. But we need one of Ana. Sebastian is coming into his own, he's so cute. Fun times. Love ya, Mom

Brooke said...

Leo. Que pasa? mi hermano!Doc