Sunday, 9 October 2011

Our House in the Middle of Our Street

This is my favorite house ever. Maybe because it had a heated garage and that's essential for survival in North Dakota. Anyway, I loved this house that I spent high school in.

This is the sad remains after the flood in Minot this summer. The water was up to the eaves. It hasn't even been started to be cleaned up yet.
(Thanks Fifields for the photos!) So sad. I remember playing Sardines on graduation night and hiding with Thomas N. in the saddle compartment of the horse trailer. And Kayli getting a black eye from Josh A. that night too. And Dolly climbing that tree that used to be there. And Jonathan falling in the nasty dead river behind the house. And going bridge jumping with Wyatt and Matt into the Mouse River at 3 AM, and walking home from high school through Oak Park during the freezing cold winter--I will never recover--and Thomas breaking his foot, and Wyatt coming home with the police car trailing him, and Wyatt coming home in a police car, and never hitting the fire hydrant while backing out, and well, too many ands to write here tonight....Good times.


Kayli said...

When did Wyatt come home IN a police car?

Carlie said...

That house hold a lot of great memories! Thanks for sharing! (Sad it hasn't had any love since the flood.)

kami said...

When him and I think it was one of the Prusaks (sp?) or it may have been a Petrick (sp?) and him were swimming where they weren't supposed to in the Mouse River--near a levy or something.

Megan said...

that is sad about the house and hilarious memories.

Chicago Sutters said...

Love the BYU pics!!!