Wednesday, 2 November 2011

18th Century Stays

I made this for my sister Lindsay for her Halloween costume--she was a pirate--but I didn't get it to her in time. Surprisingly, it wasn't too hard to sew. I broke a pair of sissors cutting the heavy duty cable ties that I used for the boning though.


Kayli said...

You cut a pair of sisters?!! Was it Ana and Elena, Elena and Isabel, or Ana and Isabel???? (hee hee, couldn't pass that up)

Anyhoo, this looks just aMAZing. But really, I just can't wait to see it ON Lindsay.
Dude. You're so cool.

The Haws Family said...

Kami! I am so excited to see this in PERSON! It looks amazing! You are AMAZING! And I am SO sorry that I didn't see it sooner, but this whole seven kids thing is a little crazy. Not the seven kids so much, although have two babies exactly one year apart is crazy (they want to eat pretty much every minute of the day between the two of them) but the car pools and practices and everything else is taking up a little too much of my time. But I was so excited to see it! And I can't wait to try it on! I am going to be the BEST pirate EVER!!!!!