Saturday, 1 July 2017

Hiking to Green Mountain Falls (Sort of)

We went hiking on Saturday to see how we'd do on our camping trip. The kids actually did really well and hiked 4 miles with little problems.  But it was beautiful weather, not hot at all and we were in shade the whole time.  I'm scared for our camping trip.  But we had trouble finding the trailhead, so we drove around for an extra hour.  Oops, so we couldn't actually hike all the way to the falls--that would have been 6 miles round trip.  Ah well, another time.  We had the chance to discuss with certain irate children that sometimes things don't go as planned and that any hike we're on while camping might be ended at any time if all the little kids are exhausted (or Mom and Dad.) Ana was working that night.


The Haws Family said...

This is my happy place. And it almost seems feasible to pack up my four children and head out on a three day drive just to enjoy this. Almost.

Kayli said...

There is some gorgeousness by you!