Sunday, 2 April 2017

When in Wyoming....

Saturday was a good day.  We watched conference, and it's amazing to me that I can watch all four sessions and only hear about 3 and a half talks due to the chaos that our children create.  Anyway, in between sessions on Saturday the kids drew with chalk, and shot arrows.  Elena's opportunity to take archery lessons through 4H is pretty awesome I think.  And she really likes it which is good.  Leo also loves it and wants a bow, but I think he wants a gun more.  I'd be happier with a bow. Ana was gone most the day because she had a soccer game.  We thought about going since it was a home game, but she told us not to bother as she knew they would lose, and they did, 7-0.  Ouch.  But her game on Friday they won and she scored a goal!!!  Yay!!!   She did make it home for dinner, and we went outside in the backyard and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows.  Yum.  Isabel needs to learn some fire safety skills, mostly don't climb down into the fire pit.  Sigh.  That girl.  

Isabel drew the flower picture.  Very pretty.  But my children think briquettes are chalk for drawing, despite my protestations.

And I found Efraim outside my door the other day with a sticky note that said "Efraim is stinky." on it.  Awesome.

In other news, the girls had Activity Days and 4H and YWs, I had Webelos, and Leo helped someone move.  I've been trying to sew Easter dresses.  Ana's been gone a lot with soccer practices and away games.  We had friends over for Sunday dinner, and I babysat their kids another night so they could go on a date.  Elena had a birthday party she went to.  And of course, piano lessons and getting the kids to practice every night.  I stayed up reading a lame book one night.  You know, just life as usual.

It was beautiful weather for most of the week and then it snowed on Friday night and there was still snow on the ground Saturday morning.

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Kayli said...

This looks kinda blissful. Just nice and relaxed and fun. You guys are rad. And for a minute I thought your cat,s tail was a snake which freaked me out. And I like Leo,s jacket.