Sunday, 9 April 2017

Efraim (a lot of Efraim)

Seriously, Efraim is the smiliest baby I have ever had!  He's always happy!  Always.  I was sucking out his nose because he had a cold this last week, and he didn't even cry.  That's how always happy he is.  It's amazing and wonderful, and I wish it would never end.  Why do babies grow out of their cute, adorable tininess so fast but stay teenagers so long?!??!  Why??!?  That is a great injustice in the world.  (Of course if he was a fussy baby I might not be complaining so much.)

In other news, Leo was gone this whole week to San Francisco.  He said the class (on codes) was excessively boring, but the normal teacher was sick so maybe that part of the reason.  Or maybe government codes and regulations are just boring?  He did get to see his friend Benj, who lives there now.  And he got to eat yummy food--Chinese, steak, gyros, seafood, Brazilian steakhouse--I'm not jealous at all.   I was not doing so great holding things together at the beginning of the week, in other words I was pretty ornery and impatient, but it got better towards the end.  Elena and Isabel were FANTASTIC on Friday and Saturday.  We cleaned the whole house on Friday, and they worked so hard and were so helpful.  Sebas and Lando did their chores too, it just was Elena and Isabel went above and beyond, which was so nice. I took them all out for burgers and fries for getting their work done so quickly. On Saturday I took the kids to a health fair because I wanted to sign up for the community weight loss challenge and Elena took care of Jubal the whole time.  She was so,  so helpful!  Ana was gone to a soccer tournament all day Friday and Saturday (there wasn't school on Friday) and she was pretty not happy with it all because they lost all their games, including to a school they had beat before.  But she did score twice, so that was good.  The kids' got their faces painted at the health fair--oops never got a picture of Sebas's.  The health fair was surprisingly good.  I didn't have high expectations but they had tons of booths, and the kids got popcorn, candy, goody bags, cake and popsicles so they were in heaven.

Earlier in the week, Lando and Jubal managed to topple their very heavy, wood dresser.  I'm glad neither were under it!

And I may have stayed up way too late one night in an internet rabbit hole watching clips from The Office and The Big Bang Theory AND forgot my bread in the oven.  Yeah, 5 whole hours later, this is what my bread looked like. 
But a friend on Facebook gave me the idea to use the centers for bread pudding, so that's what we had for dinner that night.  Orange and cranberry bread pudding.  I thought it was delicious--several of the kids didn't care for the cranberries.  

And that was our week--oh I did starting teaching one person sewing lessons again, the same lady I was teaching last fall.  So that's good. And Jubal got a cold at the beginning of the week and shared it around, so now I have it and Efraim and I think Lando and Sebastian and Elena are mostly over it. Oh, and we decided to give our dog away, but so far, no takers.   :(

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Kayli said...

Efraim is adorable! So great that he's so happy for you!