Saturday, 22 April 2017

Easter Weekend with the Family

Easter was a blast!!  We went to Hyrum to visit my parents and spent all day Saturday at a park. The kids played kickball--which was seriously competitive.  My mom DOVE to get on a base safely.  Red Rover (where only 3 kids cried).  And a lot of time was spent on the merry-go-round, as Leo spent a lot of time pushing them all.  Wyatt walked across the top of the swings, because he's Wyatt. And we dyed eggs and made some crafts that Megan brought.  And of course, ate tons of delicious food.  Leo and Ana went in the early morning to do baptisms for the dead and baptized their grandma, Beatriz.  I convinced Leo to stay extra long on Sunday (he had to work Monday) because the kids were on spring break, and they all fell nicely to sleep only to wake up at Green River, where we switched driving so Leo could sleep, and various kids took turns crying all the rest of the way home.  Leo swears he's never doing that again.  We should have just stopped for gas at the beginning and I should have driven the whole way.  Lessons you learn.  Olivia took photos for me, so there's a lot.  And I did finish the girls' Easter dresses on time this year!!  Yay!!!  And the boys' bowties and tie I decided to make Friday morning before I left, so I ended up finishing them that night at Megan's.  I love being close to family--it's the number one reason that I'm so happy to live where we do now.  It's close enough to drive home!


The Haws Family said...

I LOVE the girls dresses and seeing everyone in all the pictures!!! Love it!!!!!

Kayli said...

Hazel is very sad she wasn't there. And me. :( But it looks like a great time! And that family picture is REALLY GREAT!!! I love both of the dresses, I love the Peter Pan collar on Isabel's and the little front details on Elena's. Your dress is beautiful on you too. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

Kami..... thanks for all the pics. It is so great to see them all. I LOVE the girls dresses. they are so cute and you did a great job!!!!
Your family pic turned out great! It was a wonderful time. So great to see everyone and visit and visit ....... and ..... play kickball!
Love you.. So glad you could come.

Andrea said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! How did I miss the awesomeness that is your girl's dresses??? I get these ones when you are done with them. They are my favorites you have ever made. I love florals, I love the colors, I love all the feminine touches. Perfection. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!