Monday, 28 November 2016

The Young's Came to Visit!!!!

Sometime this November--Veteran's Weekend--my sister Andrea and her family came to visit us!!!  I'd been harassing her a long time because when we were moving to Rawlins she talked and talked about how we could do all this stuff together and how she would come visit us, and she never had in over a year!  We had planned a weekend in August to get together, but then we both had crazy schedules and we cancelled.  Anyway, I'm SO glad she came out.  We spent a day at my house, mostly the kids shot Elena's bow.  And we pulled a lot of cactus thorns out of her daughter Harriet.  Then on Saturday we went up to the Medicine Bow Nat. Forest and had a hotdog roast and cookies.  They stayed for Sacrament meeting on Sunday and then headed home.  I unfortunately took no photos.  Leo snapped a few on his phone.  It was great time, although 14 kids in a house is crazy!!  :)

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