Monday, 28 November 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was fun!!! It felt so relaxed and it was nice to just stay home and have it with our own family.  The snowfall was perfect timing too!  All morning while I cooked, the kids and Leo played outside in the snow.  Then we had a delicious dinner, ate pie, and watched Finding Dory.  On Friday the girls made blankets to donate--Elena and Isabel made 6 fleece tied blankets, and Ana made two baby quilts.  Someone had given me tons of fleece and the half started quilt so I decided NOT to keep it all hanging around at my house and put it to good and immediate use. And then we played games at the church gym with our friends the Lairds.  Leo changed the brakes in our van.  And we had more pie.  Yum.  On Saturday Ana spent the day with Tristan, and then that night Leo and I went out for an early anniversary date.  We went to the Wolf Restaurant in Saratoga--I had delicious crab legs and steak and Leo had steak.  Then we went to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  It was a great weekend!!!  And I decorated my Christmas tree, the kids' tree we did together the Sunday before.  I love Christmas!! (Thanksgiving is really just a precursor to the absolute wonderfulness of Christmas!)

The end.

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