Thursday, 3 November 2016

Fort Collins Cultural Celebration

On Oct. 15th we drove down to Fort Collins (with a pit stop in Cheyenne for new pants and underwear for Lando, who fell asleep on the way to Cheyenne and had an accident, and for pizza and a car part) to watch the Cultural Celebration before the dedication of the Fort Collins Temple.  Ana was in it and had gone earlier that day.  It was really neat and Ana had a great time (in the end--not in the practices leading up to it), and we took the kids to the temple after to see it, which they loved.  All in all a very uplifting time. Although I didn't take any pictures of Ana's actual number,  oops, but in defense I was trying to pick her out the whole time.  Here's a link to the whole thing.  Fort Collins Cultural Celebration

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