Tuesday, 29 November 2016

November Happenings

Ana and Tristan went to Fall Formal.  I was mopping the floor when Tristan came to pick her up so Leo took some photos, but they were cruddy.  Good thing I can steal photos that his mom took and posted on Facebook.  :)

Cecelia (Tristan's mom) told me they left the dance early and came to their house and just watched tv with his parents.  Party animals.  ;)

I made a really easy pencil skirt for Ana that someone had given me the fabric for.  And as I said on Facebook: nSometimes I make fast, easy projects and I think, "Why don't I sew stuff like this more often???!!?" And then I start drooling over 1870's bustle dresses and all sanity is lost again. At least Ana benifitted this time, although she wasn't really happy to model."

Some creations of Sebastian's.

Frodo's first time in the snow.  He loves it, by the way.

I went to the library book sale and brought home a TON of books--they had some really great ones!!  Leo told Nicolas he would pay him $10 if he read the green book--Lando was so excited!--it's War and Peace.  The other two books are the ones I actually picked out just for him.

I love how Frodo stretches his back legs out.  So funny.

Elena shooting her bow.

I went hiking with Frodo behind our house a lot before the weather turned frigid.  So pretty.  I had Jubal and Land with me--not a fast hike--they were playing in the dirt on the trail somewhere.

Jubal dumped a huge container of curry powder and a huge container of red pepper flakes.  Awesome.  
He also unwrapped the presents I had just wrapped.  Which by the way--Christmas shopping is all done, and all my presents are wrapped minus one.  Yay!  I can't wait till Christmas!!

Crazy cute boys--I love them so much!!!

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