Sunday, 3 April 2016

Day 3 of Spring Break: Goblin Valley

There are a lot of pictures on this post.  And they're not in order, and I'm being lazy and not putting them in order.  Sorry.  And I don't even feel like captioning.  I will tell all the exciting bits though and some non exciting ones too.  Friday the kids got their Easter baskets and they were awesome because Amy asked to make them and I said "Sweet Heavens, YES!" or something like that, because Amy is awesome and I knew the baskets would be awesome, which they were.  Friday night we had a heated political discussion mostly on who was worse, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (I think that's what it boiled down to anyway).  And everyone went to bed. Then Saturday morning we woke up to snow, and breakfast took forever to cook because it was so windy.  So then we decided to not stay another night (which was providential--I'll explain later).  So I took Megan's youngest three kids with me, and she took Ana with her, and Megan's family went ATVing around Temple Mount.  Meanwhile I went with Amy and Leo and Mom and kids to Goblin Valley, where everyone played happily for almost 5 hours.  Seriously, that place is the best playground ever! They played cops and robbers with Mom and Leo, they climbed high and got stuck (well Chad got stuck, and Kali took a little convincing to come down), and then they played grenades with clumps of dirt.  We had lunch.  Then they played Capture the Flag, and that got a bit heated because different kids had played it with different rules.  And then we went back to camp and had heated up leftovers and packed up and headed out (only an hour and half behind schedule).  Only before we even left the campground, Jubal started puking.  So we pulled over just outside of the campground and waved Megan on, and changed him and cleaned up his seat, and buckled him in, and then he puked again.  So we changed him again and cleaned up his seat.  Jubal was pretty tired after that and slept mostly except he kept dry heaving and throwing up stomach acid. Two hours later this was still going on only he never would wake up and open his eyes, or he'd try to and his eyes would roll back in his head, and he was limp and so, so sad looking.  I figured he was dehydrated and the first town (Wellington) we reached we stopped and bought gatorade for all the kids because Elena and Sebastian were complaining of headaches too.  I also called my brother, because it's always so comforting to talk to a doctor.  Jubal showed all the signs of moderate to severe dehydration--gums dry, eyes sunken, fontanels sunken. Leo and I were really worried by this point. So then we drove to Price and I had managed to force some Gatorade down Jubal, which he threw up within minutes, and so I had Leo stop in Price and buy a sippy cup and Pedialyte.  Which I then fed him sips of every ten minutes to fifteen minutes for the next four hours.  He actually was alert and eyes open for the first time after about 40 minutes of doing that.  Yay!  However he continued to throw up the entire way to Megan's house.  So I was literally covered in throw up by the time we got to Megan's--I had a blanket I was trying to keep him clean with, but I had to restrain him to get sips down him, and then when he threw up it just went all over me despite my best efforts.  Sigh.  Anyway, meanwhile the kids had drunk all their gatorade so we stopped every half and hour for them to us the restroom.  Joy.  Needless to say, we got to Megan's two hours after she got home with her family.  I bathed Jubal and showered and stuck clothes in the laundry and collapsed (it was 1:15 AM).  I set an alarm to wake up at 3 and 5 AM to feed Jubal more Pedialyte but when the alarm went at 3 AM, Leo said he shook me to wake me up and he couldn't get me to wake up.  I don't remember that. But I did wake up at 5 and Jubal drank almost all the cup of Pedialyte.  Hooray, and he seemed normal by morning.  So we went to my cousin Clay's son, Logan's missionary farewell.  It was nice and I got to see my cousin Trevor and his wife Cindy and that was really fun.  And then we went back to Megan's for FHE and dinner.  And left to drive back to Wyoming and had everyone in bed and sleeping by 10 PM.  And then the fun began, but there's been enough vomit already for one post, so I'll save that for tomorrow.  Enjoy the oodles of pictures of Goblin Valley!

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Kayli said...

I would so totally wish I could have gone, except for I don't. so thanks for that, puke! ;)