Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sick, Sick, Sick

Remember how we were all in bed and cozy asleep by 10 on Sunday night? Yeah, that only lasted a few hours.  At midnight Nicolas started vomiting, and then Sebastian, and then Elena.  Leo was down by morning too.  I literally spent all day Monday washing all the things that had been vomited on the night before till 9 PM. Leo and all the sick kids, including Jubal, who while he wasn't throwing up anymore was definitely sicker than sick as well, spent the day in the toy room sleeping and watching movies, while Ana cleaned up and emptied the van and then vacuumed it as well.  She was amazing!  And then she vacuumed the car just because.  Really amazing!!!  I did laundry and unpacked all the camping gear and washed all the camping stuff and put things away.  It sounds like I didn't do much, but I was working nonstop all day.  By evening Isabel was puking too.  The next day I did all our camping laundry (well really, I didn't finish all the laundry till Thursday--seriously our washer was running nonstop for 3 and half days.  That's ridiculous.) And I felt mildly sick.  Leo still stayed home from work because he still was not feeling good, but by that evening everyone was better.  So at least it was short and everyone had it at one time (minus Jubal, who I think had this bug first--I don't know where he got it, but I think he was dehydrated from it too), and at least Jubal had it when we had already left camp (hallelujah for that!) and at least the kids all started throwing up at home and not at Megan's.  However Megan's kids all got it and were throwing up by Monday evening and in her car.  She said we're no longer invited to any family gathering.  And Amy's kids were throwing up by Tuesday as well. Ruff.

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Lynn said...

Ugh. Just reading this makes me tired.....and sick. I can't even imagine. All though I do know I did go through those days too.....just too traumatic to want to recall it. ;) Glad everyone is back on the mend! It's hard getting rid of illness when it just keeps going through a large family. So sorry!