Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Andrea asked me to make cloaks for her kids.  Actually three Ranger Apprentice cloaks.  I said yes, it would be easy and I (of course) already had the patterns (we've already discussed my pattern hoarding).  But then that turned into making six cloaks because we didn't want the girls to be left out. So earlier this month we went to Utah to go shopping (including Ikea), the temple, deliver the cloaks, and play games with Andrea and Tim.  It was so much fun.  A great weekend.

 I just used whatever fabric stash stuff I had for the girls' cloaks, and a friend gave me 7 yards of that bright purple poly velvet. I used almost all of it for Miriam's cloak, and then of course I had to line it because it was just too fancy not to.  And I had exactly enough purple satin to line it that someone had given me.  Talk about meant to be.

 I love the tassel I made for Emeline's.  Good think I saved all my wedding ribbon trimming stuff.

 Harriet and Sebastian are best friends.

 Eli and Isabel are best friends too.  I love what Tim mentioned:

Good thing the only thing Nicolas wanted to wear for dress up was a helmet.  Came in useful here as I just took a photo.  Hee. Here.  Andrea actually got a lot better pictures than me.  Maybe sometime she'll post them on her blog.  Hint. Hint!

But here's one she took of Elena.

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Anonymous said...

You're a sewing JEDI. And I looooove that picture of Elena. It is perfection. And did anyone give you weird looks when you went to the botanical gardens with all the cloaked children?