Monday, 11 January 2016

Life this past December

Leo and I went to the Sinclair Christmas party.  It was fun, the food was good, they had a magician and the lady who's husband bought the company 40 years ago spoke--she's in her 80's.  She was funny, she reminded me of my mom in a way.  

 And I won the table centerpiece at our table.
 We also went to the kids' Sinclair Christmas party. They rented out the theater and we watched The Good Dinosaur.

 On the 22nd we headed to Utah.  It was horrible weather and what should have taken 4 hours took more than 5.  It was not a good trip--not helped by the fact that Leo and I had been snappish with each other.  I (in my mature way) read a book and ignored the fact that some kid or other was crying the entire way.  Okay, I did finally finish pouting and read to the kids.  Anyway, my sister Megan and her husband and Amy and her husband were waiting for us to take me out to eat for my birthday, but they finally gave up on us and left just about 10 mins before we got there.  :(  It was late by that time.
 The next day we all got together and sang at a nursing home, and kids' played piano pieces.

 Then we went to Andrea's church building and had pizza and played games, and ate delicious sugar cookies and chocolates that my mom had made.

 Then the older kids and some of the adults prepared a dinner to take to a homeless shelter and they all went to serve it, I stayed to help watch little kids, but I ended up running to the store to get tablecloths and balloons to make our Christmas Eve dinner a bit more festive, and I got pulled over because I cut off a sheriff (oops! I really didn't mean too), luckily I just got a warning, and I had to go to two different stores, and anyway, it was kind of crazy.  But then we had our delicious traditional hoagie dinner, and a nativity, and then opened Christmas pjs.

I only post so many pictures to show how difficult it is to get kids to behave and look at the camera.  Impossible.

We drove back to the Grandparents' house to sleep that night and Leo, Dad and I made a midnight trip to Walmart, and anyway, that was fun.  

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