Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 Done and Not Done list

Family History Projects 2015

  • Finish Walburger book  ---Didn't even touch it once.
  • Upload Latorre pictures to FamilySearch  ---Didn't even touch it.
  • Organize photos on home computer---Nope.
  • Start editing home videos ---Nope.
  • Post more family videos on Facebook --I did for a while--till my computer died anyway.  
  • Scan negatives (mine, possibly Mom's if she'll ever let me)    I DID THIS!!!!!  ALL DONE--well to 2001 of Mom's. This seriously is what makes me the happiest on the whole list.
  • Finish fixing Leo's family tree-- Sweet another one done!!! YAY!
  • Upload fixed Latorre family tree to Ancestry---   Yep, I managed this too!
  • family calendar  -- DONE!

Sewing Projects 2015
  • Armor costumes for boys
  • Regency dresses for girls
  • 2 girls quilts
  • denim quilt
  • quilt quilt a-long quilt
  • 2 boys quilts (maybe 2016)
  • Fix Elena's baptism dress
  • Pink dress for mom
  • Tree skirt
  • Nautical dresses for little girls And they were adorable!
  • mermaid tails for little girls  
  • 8 Christmas stockings
  • fix Ana's prom dress
  • Floral dresses for little girls
  • Christmas quilt  (this is the year of quilts)
  • Corded 1840s petticoat for me 
  • Possibly other 1840s undergarments for me and the little girls.
Sniff.  My sewing projects were barely even touched.  I did make a skirt and shirt for myself though.  And I taught a lot of private sewing lessons, and then I moved.  So what can you do?  Also the 2 girls quilts are so close....and yet so far...

And my real-life goals are:
  • Read my scriptures every day --I did for most of the year.  Not so good since I moved.
  • Exercise 5 times a week --Ha, this was laughable. I think I exercised 5 times the entire year.
  • Eat less  --Nope, ate more. Salted caramels from Aldi, it's a good thing you're no where near me anymore.
  • Stay in my budget -- I have nothing to say to this.
  • Go to bed by 11:30 PM --Ha.  But actually, I have been going to bed earlier than before and waking earlier, so half a win there?
  • Spend more time just with Leo --Sigh.  We did get to come house hunting by ourselves for a weekend.  That was nice.


Kayli said...

"I have nothing to say to this" ha ha ha ha~~!!!

Andrea said...

Good review. You always have so many goals.