Monday, 2 March 2015

No pictures because I'm being lazy.

  1. This week has been stressful. But we managed.  I guess.
  2. Leo went to dad and donuts at the elementary school with Elena and Isabel on Friday morning.  Elena cried.  It was poorly organized and the line was forever long.  Leo said next time he’ll just buy donuts.  My friend Karen said her husband agreed 100%.
  3. Leo’s parents came to visit on Saturday and left early Sunday morning.  They took us out to Buca di Beppo, which was delicious.  But we spent most of the day driving.  They wanted to see the Woodlands for some reason or other, which is a 2 hour drive one way.  And then they got lost coming home.  Leo tried to call them when he noticed they weren’t following us anymore, but they didn’t pick up the phone. So then they got to our house an hour after us.  Houston traffic is crazy.
  4. Isabel was running a fever tonight and Nicolas has a cough. (I typed this up without posting last night and Isabel tested positive for flu AND strep at the doctor's office today.)
  5. Jubal is officially crawling. It’s a funny bunny crawl.  He kicks/hops with both legs and goes up on his toes to crawl forward. It really does look like a bunny hopping because his behind goes up in the air so much.  It’s adorable.  
  6. I taught my second private sewing lesson.  I love it!  I will gladly teach sewing lessons the rest of my life.  Good times.
  7. Ana finished her very last piano lesson.  She is officially done with piano.  Which she is very excited about.
  8. I taught preschool on Friday which was awesome because I found this new youtube channel that does preschool stuff called Pancake Manor.  I had the kids do the exercise compilation, and they LOVED it!!  Seriously the best preschool songs ever. The second video contains the first song I put here and then more as well. Just FYI.
  9. Leo and I managed to make it to the temple on Friday night which was great.  
  10. I found this house in Lehi, and it is now my current dream house.  The inside needs completely redone, which since this is my make-believe daydream that is fine with me, because then I could do it how I wanted with all my dream money.  And the backyard is incredible. .66 acres of mature cherry, plum (Leo's favorite kind of plum that I've only ever seen in Utah and Colombia, weird but true), apple, and PEACH (my favorite) trees and benches and arbors, treehouse, and a beautiful circular brick patio, with the canal running through.  And it’s in the old part of Lehi.  No stupid HOA’s. And I love the down home feel of old town Lehi. It’s where I’ve wanted to move since living in Provo.  

  11. 2:30 PM church on Sunday leads to very ornate hairstyles.  Ana did the girls hair, and it looked amazing!
  12. Sunday we went to a farewell party for my friend Kelly Perez, and I made two cakes to take (one was really small, just a 9 in circular one, so I didn’t think that was enough since I have so many in my family) and they turned out delicious.  One was a Mexican dark chocolate cake with cayenne pepper and cinnamon and a chocolate glaze.  SO GOOD!!!  I loved it!!! The other was a buttermilk white cake with a pastry cream filling and 7-minute frosting and coconut on it.  It was called a Coconut Cream Cake.  It was good, but ummm, couldn’t compete with the chocolate one as far as I was concerned.
  13. I’ve been trying to sew, but haven’t really had the chance to much. I did sew one night though when I was really stressed out, and it was oh, so relaxing.  I didn’t work on any of the projects on my GET DONE NOW! list, but I just sewed together some pieces that I’ve had cut and set aside for a scrap quilt.  I did get 11 squares done though.  So nice to work on something that requires little brain power but it comes so nicely together and looks good.
  14. I ran errands on Wednesday and I thought I was going to die.  I went to 8 different stores with my 3 little boys.  I hate days like that.  But amazingly, they all were really good.  Even though we were running errands all through Nicolas's normal nap time.
  15. We wanted to go camping with a bunch of our friends over Spring Break, but my brain fizzled and I completely forgot to get back to them and make reservations, and so then when we did call the state park (after telling our kids and they were super excited!) there was no campgrounds available.  But luckily, I saved the day (from my own blunder) and reserved the very last campsite at another nearby state park.  So we can drive and go with our friends at the other one during the day.  Phew.  That would have been ugly with our kids if we had to go back and say we weren't going camping with all their friends.  

And that’s it.  Have a nice day.

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Kayli said...

Oh! So glad you get to go camping!!