Friday, 27 March 2015

Camping at Pedernales Numero Dos

 Saturday, after that horrible night of no sleep, I took Nicolas hiking to the twin falls little overview site, while Leo took down most of our camp.  The other kids had gone ahead of me with other people from our ward.  I tried to catch up, but that is impossible when Nicolas wants to walk.  However, we did beat them back to camp even though we passed them as they were coming back and we hadn't gotten to the falls yet, because I can read trail like I'm Echo Sackett.  Yeah, they took the wrong trail.
 Then we had a quick lunch and headed out to THE Pedernales Falls.  We spent the afternoon playing (me relaxing under a shady rock) and then had a picnic lunch and drove home.  It was splendid.  But I'll just let you look at the photos now.

 These are our friends, Dan and Vickie.  They are awesome, amazing campers.  Like crazy awesome army utility tent campers. With a heater.  It's amazing.

 I love the huge rock Nicolas is picking up.

Ana and Megan S. are off in the distance in this one. And that's the end of our camping trip photos.  But I still have way more to catch up on.  Eventually.

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Kayli said...

You're friend's husband looks like Mark Ruffalo kind of.

Also looks like a great time