Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Two birthdays and a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts

 1. This is one of the hairstyles Ana did on Sunday.  It was a bow, but it was after church that I took the photo and it was kind of falling out of Elena's hair.

 2. Sebastian was a knight that day.  His horse even had his battle dress on.
 3. Isabel was home from school a couple of days last week.  She tested positive for strep AND flu.  That was Sunday evening thru Tuesday that she was sick.  Nicolas and Jubal caught the flu/cold? after that and then by the next Sunday Leo had it, and I've felt pretty miserable all this week.  Yuck.
 4. Sebastian turned 5!!  He wanted a spiderman cake.  Umm, I'm not so great in the cake decorating department, maybe if I actually had a thin attachment thing to make small lines....  Sebastian loved it though.

 Sebastian chose trout, french fries and corn on the cob for his birthday dinner.  Just FYI.
 I caught his face perfectly, right when he realized what it was...Sting, of course, from LOTR.
 There must be orcs nearby.
 This sword caused hours of wailing and crying, mostly by Nicolas because he LOVED it so much.  I actually felt bad for Sebastian because he can't stand to hear Nicolas screeching, so he kept giving him his sword.
 A couple nights later, Sebastian's other present finally arrived in the mail, so we blew out candles again in the cake that was still left.  He got an airplane that glides.  I didn't get a picture.

 5. We celebrated Ana's birthday early because we'll be gone camping on her birthday.  She chose a oreo cheesecake for her cake this year.  I thought I undercooked it, but it was still warm when we ate it and it was a little runny.  But the next day it was perfect, I think I just needed to listen to the directions and let it sit for 24 hours.  Ana had hoagies for her birthday dinner.

 And she got Chacos, like she wanted for her birthday present.  And cleats from her birth mom.

 Sebastian also got shoes from his abuelitos a couple of days later in the mail.
6. Saturday we had a spring cleaning craziness.  And scrubbed down our house.  We raked the front the yard too, and we were going to rake the back and clean the cars on Monday, but it's rained the last 3 days.  I hate this weather. It's gray all day.  Yuck.
 7. As a treat after all their spring cleaning we headed to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts on Tuesday.  They had a spring break activity going on, where they gave the kids paper and pencils to draw their favorite art piece that they saw and take notes about it, and then you could come back and make it at their kids art classroom.  Seriously it was so fun!!! My kids loved it.
 I managed to stay relaxed the whole time and the kids were actually really good.  We saw a lot of Pre-Columbian gold art and the Islamic, Japanese, and Indian art galleries. Also just some of their other pieces like Pollack and Singer Sargent, and Remington, etc.  They had an exhibit up of Rubens paintings and about five security guards descended on us at once as Nicolas almost went to touch one.  No worries, I stopped him in plenty of time, and carried him out of there at once.  We tried to stick to the glass case exhibits.  
 Elena said her favorite pieces was an Islamic plate with a ship on it and the Kachina Navajo dolls.  I can't remember the painter's name of the painting she didn't like the most. It was a pointillism piece.
Isabel said her favorite was a golden flute from Colombia and then a Monet water lilies painting.  She HATED a painting of Christ crucified by Rubens.  She declared it was freaky and wished she could tear it into little pieces. Hee. Hee.
Sebastian liked best the modern art piece that was a lighted tunnel that you walked through. And he liked seeing the roof go up 3 stories in one part of the museum.  But he drove everyone nuts because he wanted to stop and draw everything!  The Kachina dolls, an Islamic window, a Japanese fish drawing, a gold Colombian scorpion, etc.  And he said there was nothing he didn't like.  :)

 And I do have to say that it made me more than a little happy that my kids knew who Damien Hirst was when we looked at his weird skeleton and medical equipment piece and I reminded them about his diamond skulls in our art book at home.  And Andrea they weren't impressed with Rothko, but they did like Pollack.
 Then we went to Ikea for lunch because kids eat free on Tuesday and by then I was so tired, because I forgot the stroller and was just carrying Jubal in the wrap, which is fine, but I planned on having Nicolas in the stroller, and then I was carrying Jubal AND Nicolas and my bag and that just wore me out.  Plus, I'm still a little sick.  So when I got home, I laid on the couch and fell asleep for a couple of hours.  Ana opted out of going to the art museum and went to Alyssa P.'s house instead.

 Here's Isabel's golden flute and rainbow.
 Sebastian's golden scorpion.

 Nicolas's painting and sculpture.
 Sebastian was making something out of this and was crying and collapsing on the ground at the museum because it wasn't how he wanted it.  I finally got him settled with a fine paintbrush (for his little details) and paint.
Elena's Islamic ship plate and Kachina doll.
8. Today I was an awful grump and got nothing done, but I did take the kids to Pump It Up, an indoor giant inflatables play area. Then I came home and slept for several hours, and the house is a disaster and I'm ignoring it all to write this.
9. Jubal is crawling like crazy.
10. Ana left today to go camping with the Perez's.
11. And that is all. Long, but really I never get a chance to do anything anymore, including blogging. I think 6 was the tipping point of having absolutely no time anymore.  Sigh.

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