Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Girls room in detail

 So I finally got the pictures up on the walls.  And just for the record the sashing is cut for their quilts. I just have to actually start SEWING them together.  Arghhhhh....I HAVE NO TIME!!! And I wanted some advice.  The tree picture I was thinking of painting the frame the same creamy white as their dressers (it's a bright glossy white now. Ugh.)  And the girl's frame I was thinking of painting green because we already have so much red up, and there's no aqua blue in the picture, so I didn't want to do the aqua blue.  (Their quilts are going to be pink, red, aqua blue and and green.) But overall, I can't decide if I like how I hung up the pictures on this wall. I don't want to change the oval ones above the dresser.  It's just the ones I just hung up that I can't decide if I like them there or not.

 And as requested, here's all my embroideries.  This one--the make it do--I'm so mad about, because I traced it crooked, and I realized it before I actually started embroidering it, but I had no more pink fabric on hand, and I asked Leo if he thought it looked really obvious and he said no, but EVERyTIME I look at it, it just looks so crooked!!! And it was my favorite one!!!!

 I liked this one a lot, it was a vintage design I bought from the DI, but honestly now, I think their faces look freaky.

 The girls picked out the dog and this lady by the tree.

 Also, help!  This looks bad too. I think the two brownish black frames need painted.  But what color???

 I wanted it to look all vintage toys-ish, but now it looks kitschy.  Ugh.  What do you guys think?  Any recommendations?  Por favor?  I will finish their quilts this year.  I will.

 This is on the other side of their room. Just to refresh your memory. I'd paint that one frame the same color of green as is on the little play kitchen.

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