Monday, 9 February 2015

The last few weeks pt. 1

1. Church at 2:30 means that we have a lot of time to get ready, and take pictures.  But this next Sunday we have are joining with another ward for 8:30 AM sacrament meeting only, and then a special mtg with another stake at 3 PM---I think our stakes are getting split.  Just guessing.  But doesn't Elena look adorable?!?!

Isabel also wanted pictures of course.

And I made Ana join in.

2. Jubal is so cute. Every picture looked adorable, but pretty much exactly the same so I limited myself to only posting three.  He can officially army crawl forward now.  And he is out of our room at night, although he sometimes still wakes up.  He is my only boy so far to prefer playing on his stomach (pre-crawling) to jumping in the jolly jumper thing.  The big bruise on his forehead is from Isabel dropping him (well, he kind of rolled off her lap) onto the tile.

3.  This was so sweet, I made Leo take a picture for me.  I was busy with something (feeding Jubal, dishes?  I don't remember.)  But do you see Lando punching Sebastian in the picture below.  This kills me.  Lando made Sebastian cry the other day on the trampoline.  Granted Sebastian teases Nicolas to no end, and it drives Sebastian crazy that Nicolas copies everything he does.  I think it's adorable though when Lando copies him.

4. Leo and I went on a date to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, we were supposed to go and not talk about kids, money, work, politics, or church callings (the gospel was okay).  We didn't manage to not talk about kids.  Luckily I had read a National Geographic article that day, so I told him all about it.  The museum was fun, I wish we would have skipped through a lot of the medieval religious paintings and headed to the impressionist section sooner since we got there as the museum was closing.  Ruff.  Ah well, I guess we have to go back.  And I saw this painting above, and I think I NEED to make that little girl's dress for one of my girls.  Plus why is it that paintings look so much more AMAZING in real life than as a print?   Seriously, seeing them in real life--the colors are so much more vibrant, and I guess the size makes a difference too, especially for all the crazy abstract stuff.  Anyway, loved it!
5.  Other things that happened this past week: went to a gender reveal party (that's a thing now?!??!), Relief Society enrichment, New Beginnings with Ana, and  my serger class (so excited to start sewing again), and I'm practically done my mending and yes it has taken me a whole month, and yes, I did throw half the pile away, and it still took me that long, and I really hate mending.
6. Leo's in Mexico.  So sad.
And for the rest you'll have to read part 2.

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