Sunday, 15 February 2015

Wingardium Leviosa

 1. Leo was gone for on Monday, so we decorated chocolate sugar cookies for FHE.  Leo was in Mexico for work. He left Sunday and came back on Wednesday.  I missed him a lot.  

 Alyssa, our neighbor, joined us.

 2. Alyssa comes over quite a bit and on Saturday she came with Elena to the Stake Activity Days activity.  They both loved it.  It was four hours on being "BeYOUtiful" and they had a lunch there.

 3. Sunday night was New Beginnings.  My friends Daisy and Seth came over and watched my kids for me, so I could go with Ana.

 4. Jubal falls asleep on his face.  So weird.  None of my other kids did that.  Poor kid, cried himself to sleep there.  Well, he was just sort of fussy and by the time I went over to him, he had already konked out.  He looks so little in the top picture.  I wish he could just stay this size for another year.  Really, I do.

 5. We took some pictures of them reading last week and now they think it's a necessity everytime they read.  Silly monkeys.

 6. My first time embroidering on my machine was a success!  I did Jubal's name for his baby book.  And I used my software to convert the font of my choice to a embroidery pattern.  Pretty sweet to finish it in 20 mins rather than 6 months.  And then I sewed a removable cover rather than glue-gunning it.  However, I'm not sure I like it that way as much as I thought I would.  All in all though, I'm very happy with it. Happy to be done most of all.
7. Leo and I actually went on a date on Valentine's Day.  That never happens!  We went and played tennis (first time for both of us!) with our friends, Brittney and Truston Bodine.  They were good natured enough to chase after our crazy balls, and then we went out for tacos after. It was so fun!!
8. My parents are coming to visit us in March!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!
9. Ana has a sore hip and hasn't played soccer the last couple of days.  She's pretty bummed about that.
10. Today for dessert, I'm making Coeurs a la Creme.  Yes, I feel very chef-like.  Mine is even in a heart shaped mold.
11. Now off to church I go and I don't have time to write anymore.  Sorry.


Anonymous said...

I love your kids books with their names! Jubal is so cute even flat on his face. :)

Lynn said...

Busy household! But so full of fun stuff going on! I too think the picture of Jubal sleeping on his face is so cute. He must of been so tired.