Monday, 9 February 2015

The last few weeks pt. 2

7. This is the face Sebastian made with his raisins and tortilla. Then since I took a picture, Nicolas and Sebastian climbed on the table demanding a picture of them as well.  Which led to a lot of goofy poses.

8. This fridge's decorations make me so happy! Really.  I love to see what kids draw.  I've even saved drawings from a lot of my nieces and nephews.  So sorry if you get bored of scanned drawings and photos of drawings, but I consider them saved if they're on my blog and then I don't feel bad throwing them out.
Elena has a thing for detectives right now.
Ana playing with Sebastian's crayons and oil pastels.
Dead Fish by Sebastian
Mixed Media Ocean by Isabel
Our Beta by Sebastian
That was pretty much dead on.
9.    I don't really care if this fish is dead or alive but I do feel a sense of responsibility for it that it doesn't suffer while it is alive.  Anyway, it's survived it's near death experience and is healthier than ever, and even got a new tank to boot because I felt so bad for the poor thing.

10.  Sebastian can scale any wall like nothing, but this way of climbing is a new one for him and he wanted help down as you can see in the second photo, but I wanted a picture.  Poor kid.  He can actually monkey climb up one side of a door frame, not even putting his feet over to the other side.
11. Brett (my brother-in-law) got stuck in Houston at the airport so we picked him up and he spent the night at our house.  It was fun to see him for an hour or so.
12. I'm teaching 3 kids private sewing lessons starting this week.

And that is all my numbed brain can think of right now.  Goodnight, I have sandwiches for the kids lunches to make, and off to bed I go.

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Andrea said...

You rock the dress! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!