Monday, 5 January 2015

Welcoming in the New Year

1. Gosh, between trying to get Jubal to sleep and looking at pictures of Richard Armitage, it certainly took a long time between uploading these photos to actually typing on my blog.  
2. Jubal's Christmas present was a moose.   
 3. We had a great time this week, we spent the New Year with the Sheley's, the same family who had us over for Christmas Eve, which was very fun.  Ana went to a different party with just teenagers, also fun or so I heard.
4. On Thursday we drove up to Round Rock to visit Leo's parents, and grandparents and aunt and uncle, etc.  His brother Cesar and Ana's sister Nathalia and her husband Jonathan had come out from Arizona to visit as well.  It was nice to see everyone. Here's the whole crew minus his aunt and uncle who were taking pictures.
 5. Ana and her sister Nathalia.
 6. My kids had a great time playing in my in-laws tub.

 7. And a bunch of pictures of Jubal, because he is adorable!  I mean, seriously adorable.

 8. And one of Nicolas who is also been so adorably cute of late.  He's talking more and more lately and just has a funny sense of humor.  I love it.
9. I spent most of the weekend preparing my lesson to teach in RS about setting goals to live providently.  Good times.  It went really well I think.  Now if I could just manage to carry through with my goals.
10.  Also, I watched North and South.  (This is where Richard Armitage came in.) I've seen it before, but this is one of my favorites I think.  Leo was watching parts of it with me, and telling me that it was just like a soap opera.  Which basically any drama with a love story tends to be a bit like a soap opera, and anyway, I retorted that it was at least more understated than a telenovela.  So then he started saying the lines of the movie as if it were a telenovela.  Oh, I laughed so hard. His acting was amazing.  
11. And that is all for tonight.  Happy New Year everyone!

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Kayli said...

I love Jubal!! He is soooo adorable!!

And those tub pictures were super cute! All of your kids looked adorable--Isabel in one of them particularly, Elena in one of them particularly, and the boys in all of them. :)